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Exclusive events, Unlimited Knowledge

Scientific meetings have long been appreciated as key ways for doctors to present and explain their research

work, to be inspired, stay updated, and to deepen understanding of different scientific topics.
The informal chats and shared experiences such events provide, are also recognized as important in
networking and support.
This section of the website presents the various HSNC-organized events and highlights upcoming
meetings you can participate in.

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Upcoming Event

Upcomig Event
Past Events
Related Events

Related Events

26 – 30 May 2024 in Rochester, Minnesota USA

UPDATE - Together with the ISA Board and members of the Mayo Clinic, the program will
cover a variety of types of systemic amyloidosis […]

ESC Congress 2023 Annual Congress
25 – 28 August 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

UPDATE - At ESC Congress 2023 we will be 'joining forces to protect the heart' and create
the future of cardiology – a future where everything is possible. […]

EANM2023 Annual Congress
9 – 13 September 2023 in Vienna, Austria

UPDATE – 36th Annual EANM Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

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